Clock Reset H1 - L1B

Hi All

I was in US on L1B for 3.6 years from Apr 2011 till 1 st Nov 2014 . Now I applied for H1B in cap and it got picked.

lets say I get it stamped and travel after Nov 1st 2015 will my clock get reset and can i stay in US for 6 years ( 3 initial and after extension 3)

does clock reset depends on petition approval date or the number of days that we are out side US. Pls suggest

The clock reset is calculated using I-94 entry / departure record which means it is not the petition approval date but the dates when you were not in the country that matter. So, yes - you are good for 6 years according to above plan. I wonder if someone else would like to comment, specially lawyers who visit this site on any specific details I might be missing.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,;