client letter for h1b visa stamping


My consultancy is not providing any client letter. They have given the offer letter(in-house project related) and with that i should go to the interview.

If VO asks for the client letter, will there by any problem?? and what should i answer?

What is the work location mentioned in your LCA?

Hi Saurabh,

It is Tampa, Florida

I meant to ask is the work location mentioned same as employer location or a client location? Also, did employer submit a letter to USCIS along w/ petition? If so, what is the purpose/job/role mentioned in that letter - in house employee or contractor for client sites?

The worklocation is same as Employer Location.
Consultancy has mentioned the same job in the letter submitted to UISCS(in-house employee)

If the employer is really planning to hire you for in-house project, then that’s what you have to proceed with. If asked about your job duties, reply what’s there in that letter to USCIS. Client letters are applicable when you are hired to work as a consultant at client sites.