Client Email instead of Letter

Transfering H1 from Company A to Company B (regular processing).Got RFE for client letter (H1 Transfer on Regular). Client is hesitate to give the letter in his letterhead.

Will client email is enough instead of letter? Pls confirm


Also, If we respond RFE with Client email, USCIS will denies my petition or will they request for more info

You can use the email as well if the client is not ready to issue the letter. Does your client know that you are planning to use the email? There is a possibility that USCIS doesn’t a background check w/ the client to verify the email and it will be good if they are aware about this.

Your attorney can explain the situation (using email in lieu of client letter) when responding to the RFE. Also the email should contact basic information just like a client letter (dates, position, location etc).