Client Changes within 1 mile - H1B Amendment Require?


I was worked with company AAA with Client XXX till May 2018. And I did H1B Transfer successfully with company BBB for the Client YYY on May 2018 [H1B was Approved till Jan’2021].My New Company BBB is deployed me to another Client ZZZ on Jun 2018.Client YYY and Client ZZZ are very near by. Less than 1 mile radius. I am not sure my company[BBB] is filed LCA & Amendment [for the Client ZZZ] for me or not. Please let me know, is it mandatory to file an amendment for a new client ZZZ?Also my current H1B Validity is Till Jan 2021. If apply H1B Amendment will it be get reduced my Current validity from Jan 2021?Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance.