Client changed within half mile, same zip code, do I need new LCA/Amendment?


Hi there, I have a valid I-797 which is valid till Apr 2021. Few months ago I got my visa approved when I was with client x. Now I have changed to a new client y. And the distance between client x to client y is only half a mile same city and zip code. I have a expired stamped visa with me. Visiting India in next month for visa stamping. Contacted employer for new LCA and other documents. Employer provided me only the I-129/amendment/LCA which they filed for me during my extension while I was with client x.
Is it safe to travel in this situation? What is the chances of getting visa stamped?


As per new LCA rules, the new LCA form has a location for client, if it has changed, I recommend you carry the new LCA. If the VO asks you for client letter and gives you an 221g, then you will need to provide it, at that time, it will be a tricky situation and can get complicated. I suggest you work with your attorney and clarify this. Check New LCA Form