client changed in the same state while responding to RFE


I got RFE to submit some docs along with client letter in order to approve my petition.

how much time do they specify to respond to RFE?

I am not getting client letter from my current client and i need to submit letter to respond to RFE.

What if i get client letter from different client which is there in same state of USA?

In this case what are the chances that my petition will get approved by USCIS?

What i need to do in order to get it approved?

Any suggestions?

Usually 90 days are given to respond to the RFE. You can know the exact date from your employer.

If you change client now and the new client is not in same MSA, then new LCA is required. This could put the approval in risk as change in LCA requires new I-129 which is not advisable while the petition is still pending.

See if you can find a client in same MSA. If not, work with attorney to explain absence of client letter and a letter from a senior executive vouching for your case.