Client change in first trip affected my L1, will it affect H1 also ?

Previous visa details :

2008 - L1B -approved based on   - Company A - Client A

2008 to 2011-stayed in USA  - Company A - Client [b]B[/b] - (since project requirements closed with client A, worked all my stay with Client B)

2011 - came to India n  applied for fresh L1B - Company A - Client B -

     -VO asked abt change in client - replied with project closure reason.

     - initially was issued a 221G in july '11 asking for client documentation and later  after submission of all documents.. rejected in november'11 saying "Not Clearly Approvable".

2012 - applied for [b]H1B [/b]- Company A- Client B

Question: Since I am applying for the same  position for which I was denied a L1B , is there any possibility of rejection at petition processing stage or at visa approval stage ? Can the client change during my initial USA  visit still come to haunt me? Note, I have always been with Company A all these years.

Thank you.

Your L1 Denial won’t affect your H1B approval. Make sure you submit or carry all the relavent documents for Client B