Clarifications needed on extension and dependent visa process

My H1B visa and i-94 expires in Oct 2013. I’m planning to initiate fresh H4 visa for my wife and child in June. Due to personal reasons I will not be able to initiate dependent visa before June. My doubts are:

  1. If I’m planning to start my extension process in April/May, can I initiaite dependent visa for my wife and child in June? will they get visa when my petition is filed for extension?
  2. Due to uncertainity in my project, I may go back to India after April. Can I file for extension and leave to India?
  3. If I apply for extension, Can I leave US before my extension petition approval?
  4. what is the possibility to get visa extension if I have to leave US in April?
  5. Can I apply for extension from India?
  6. If I start extension in US and leave US, Can I continue the formalities from India?

Please clarify Thanks!

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, but your extension of stay will be abandoned. This means the new petition will arrive w/o I-94. You will have to file for a separate EOS after returning to US, or leave US (after petition is approved) and return to get an extended I-94.

  3. Refer (2)

  4. Yes

  5. Yes and refer (2)