Clarification on Visa process and documentation required

Hello all

I am going to the Mumbai consulate for my first H1B visa stamping  I am currently in the US on an F1 visa and I will be transferring to an H1B and a friend of mine in India pay the visa fees for me. The following are required

1) I-797

2) I-129

3) Proof of employment (offer letter, responsibilities, pay stubs, W2)

4) Academic documents (Degree, transcript, resume, EAD Card, I-20s)

5) Passport size photos

6) DS-160 with barcode printout


What I am reading is that some websites mention the following as required documents as well: 


1) Form DS-156

2) Form DS-157

3) Original LCA 


Are these required? What about proof of fee payment? I can see that my online appointment booking profile has the confirmation number that the bank gave me in the fee receipt but I don't have the actual receipt with me. Do I need to get it faxed to me? 


Also, does anything need to be submitted to the consulate before the interview? I am planning to get an interview date the very next day after I land. Sending documents in would not be feasible in this case. 


Please advise.