Clarification on Ph.D without M.S

Hi, I’ve the following question after reading this article: Can you do PhD without Masters in US ? Directly PhD after B.Tech or B.S in USA ? - RedBus2US I’ve done B.E Electronics and instrumentation from india, and after that i was working for 6 years in IT field. Would i be eligible to try for Ph.D in Computers without MS? Would my work experience count? Because i really do not have any electives/ research work on CS. Or, is MS and Ph.D the easier route? Thanks!


You will be eligible to puruse in CS without MS. Your work experience will play an important role. Your chances depend on your GRE scores and how well you articulate your passion for PhD in your SOP. You may be asked to take electives in computer sciences to puruse PhD. In fact, many schools have dual program, where they take students for PhD program and after two years they will be awarded an MS, after completing certian number of credits…You just need to research for schools and apply…

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Thanks for the response Kumar.

One more clarification. I read about the admissions and they seem to indicate that certain # of pre-requisite courses need to completed in CS and Math before admissions. Where can one complete these courses in the US? I searched through community college courses and all seem to be 1 - 2 years and nothing less.

Ideally, you would do the pre-requisite courses in the University itself. Going to community college is an alternative though. I would check the school before taking pre-requisite anywhere.