Clarification on H1B Amendment

i. I came to US through employer A and I recently shifted to employer B. My new employer filed H1B transfer for Texas location. This H1B transfer is raised in premium, processed completely. But due to some reasons I havent worked at all in Texas but

ii. I started working in California for this new employer B, an amendment was filed for change in location, client. This amendment is raised on Oct 2015, normal category and still in ‘RECEIVED’ status

iii. Now I need to work again for a new client starting Jan 2016. My employer B is going to raise an amendment for this new location, client.

Finally, I want to travel India in Feb 2016 and My Visa is also expired (Jul 2015), has old employer A on it, so need to go for stamping as well. Kindly clarify the below questions

  1. Do I need both the amendments in points ii, iii or I need just the latest amendment (point iii) ?
  2. Can I go to stamping with just the copy of initial H1B transfer to employer B (point i) and receipt notice of amendment in point iii ?

please let me know if any other suitable option to travel to India and come back to US without any issues at port of entry

Thanks in advance for the support !!

  1. It is better to have copy of both amendments to show that you always worked at a location that was legally allowed under your H-1 petition and amendments

  2. Carry B’s petition, copies of all pending amendments.

Did you talk to your attorney about this travel plan?

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the response. I’m yet to talk to my attorney on this travel plan.

I haven’t asked the actual question. What if I travel to India when both my amendments are in process, get stamping done and if one or both the amendments got processed by the time I return to US ? Will this create problem at port of entry even my stamping is done ?

Approved amendments shouldn’t impact you at PoE.

ok, so I can travel to India with just copies of H1B transfer, both the amendments (which are in process). I’m planning to take Client letter from the current Account, previous 3-6 months pay slips.
And when you say ‘copy of amendment’ all I can think is ‘Receipt Notice’, as this is the only thing my employer gave to me. Do we have anything else ?

Yes, I meant copy of receipt notice.

As I was mentioning in the original question; I work for a consultancy and my client (and ofcourse work location) got changed eff Jan 2016. Is amendment required when there is change in client and even when old client (San Francisco, CA) & new client (Pleasanton, CA) locations are with in 50 miles radius ?

My consultancy is not raising Amendment as the change in client locations are within 50 miles radius. Will this cause any issues during stamping or at Port of Entry ?

If it is in same metropolitan statistical area (MSA) then no amendment is required. Your attorney or employer can confirm that.