Citizenship based on spouse's Citizenship

Hi Saurav,

I’m on an EAD, and my priority date is Feb 2010. I’ve applied for Adjustment of Status through my employer, while I was a consultant. I’ve joined a new company as a permanent employee once I was over 180 days with my EAD.

My spouse has been on a Green Card for close to 5 yrs, and will be eligible to apply for a Citizenship shortly.

Can I also apply for a Citizenship or a Green Card based on my spouse’s Naturalization ?

Will that be a completely new Green Card process for me ? How long would it take for me to get the Citizenship ?

would you be able to tell me the cost for this process, and also for my spouse’s Naturalization ?

What’re the risks in going through with this process ?

We’re contemplating to do this only since we aren’t sure how long it may take for my Green Card application to be current.

We’ve married for over 2 yrs; we own a home jointly; we file our taxes jointly, and have joint bank accounts.