Check F1 records during H4 interview?

I’m currently on F1 CPT with H1B approved. I’ve been with my current employer since 1 yr. My wife will be appearing for H4 VISA. By the time she goes, I will stil be on F1.So when the VO asks, how long has your husband been with the company,should she say 1 yr on F1 and I will transitioning this Oct to H1B ?

Also, during the interview, will the VO access my F1 VISA status histroy ?

Yes, they may know about your F-1 history.

I assume you were working part-time on CPT and still attending classes at school.

If they ask about employment tenure, she should mention that you were working on CPT for 1 year and will start working on H-1 from Oct 1. Do not lie to them. I assume the same was told to USCIS during petition process.

I’ve been working full time and attending classes. I have maintained my status every single day. My DSO had no questions about the job and the time I worked. I’ve been slowly understanding the CPT rules. But I never had any issues in getting my OPT (extension also), I have a 2nd F1 stamp also from Chennai. Though I worked full time on CPT, my H1B petition approval was also very smooth without any RFEs.