Chartered Accountant - H4 Visa

I am a chartered accountant (Indian) working in Saudi Arabia with 5+ years of experience in india and Saudi Arabia,i have H4 visa, is it possible to get job visa in USA while attending interview using H4 visa? Is companies accepting H4 visa candidates for job purpose?How is the response by recruiters for H4 visa holders while selecting them for job? Are they able find job or will have to wait till green card processing gets over?

You cannot work on H4 Visa, unless your spouse has I-140 approved. Check that first.
They will interview you only, if you have H4 EAD.

Thanks Kumar…may God bless u… his green card process is just started…i am aware abt I-140,but we are not expecting to get it in near future…thats y I asked, is companies issuing H1B or any other work visa for candidates if they are locally available to attend interviews in USA ?