Changing roles on H1B & Transfer Process

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Need some guidance, pls.

  1. Knowing fully that when H1B is issued, it is issued for a specific role and a specific company, i was wondering if one’s H1B is approved for a role (say in Marketing), and you plan to move to another role and company (like Analytics, Finance etc). Would transfer of H1B still be possible or one’s new company will need to start the registration and lottery process again for the new role (since it’s different from the field under which the previous H1B was approved).

  2. Generally during transfer period/process of H1B from one company to the other, does the new company (or USCIS) at any time need to contact the previous company about the H1B transfer process for the candidate? I am asking so i can have a better plan to manage the transition from one company to the other during transfer. Trying to check the possibility of one’s current company knowing about likely move (when you are still with them) versus signing out of the current company when the new company has not finished the H1B transfer process. Basically to avoid a case of getting caught in between when you have not resigned from previous company (because your transfer has not been perfected by the new company) and your old company get to know of the request to transfer your H1B (if either the new company or USCIS must inform the old company about the need to transfer)

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As far as the H1B job is inline with the skills and degree of education it doesn’t matter. Ofcourse when changing the job if the role and duties are drastically different than the basis of original H1B approval/ most recent job, your new employer will need to provide supporting documents proving that you have the skills, experience and education to fulfill the job requirements and that the job is a highly skilled job qualified under the H1B visa terms.

No. The new employer will simply file a change of employer petition (aka transfer), and have no obligation to inform anyone.


Many thanks for your answer.