Changing Major from ECE to CS

Hi !
I recently completed my BE in Electronics and Communication with overall Cumulative performance of 6.5 ( with 4 backlogs). GRE score is 306 ( Quant 160, Verbal-146) and TOEFL score is 98.
I’m interested in applying for MS in Computer Science as I’m pretty much interested in coding and not in ECE.

I have the knowledge that if I change my major to CS, I’ll have to complete Pre-requisite courses so that I have the required fundamental knowledge of that major. But my concern is will I be able to successfully do MS in Computer Science with limited knowledge of that field ( like C and C++ ) ??

Please help as I’m too much tensed with this question.
I’m planning to apply for the coming Spring intake.


It is no rocket science, all it takes is hard work, you should be able to do it. I can tell you, I knew some of my friends who were from ECE and had poor academics did very well as they put in effort. So, nothing to worry. The pre-requisites will give you the confidence. If you are passionate about CS, then you should be able to work hard and succeed ! No need to feel tense, just go for it !

Sir, thank you so much for replying. It was definitely a major boost up !