Change visa from H4 to F1 Visa



         Let me first explain my current situation, i came to US on H4 visa in this April 2012 and now i want to do MS in Computer science and also want to change my visa to F1. But i am not clear about the procedure how to start. My Husband is on H1 visa and he is working  here since Jan 2012. I wrote my GRE in 2008 and my score is 924 and i am having my b-tech percentage is 77% and i am having experience in IT industry for 2.5 yrs. Is it possible for me to get in some what good universities with this above criteria or should i take GRE and TOEFL for getting admissions in good universities? 


And one more thing I want to do MS as soon as possible, i don't want to waste my time. For applying for universities i have all my originals only one copy, i don't have another set of my b-tech transcripts, Is it Ok with one set of my original certificates?

And one more thing i want to go to India for F1 stamping as i am converting from H4 to F1 what is the possibility of getting my visa stamped? 


And for financial support is it Ok if i show my husband pay-slips and bank statement do should i take loan and show the assets in India?


Could you please be so kind to explain me the procedure and the time it takes to complete this?


Thanks in Advance,


Hi Pranathi,

Iam also in same situation.Looking for some answers in forum.