Change of status while PP suspended


I received an offer from Intel. I am currently on h4 visa , but I do have an approved / stamped h1b visa(petition valid, i am cap exempted. I understand that i cannot start working with receipt number as my current status is h4. I got this offer after 1 year of trying as there are not many companies in the location where i am staying and this is a dream company.

So my question is

If Intel files my H1b transfer on regular processing(as premium processing is suspended), can it be expedited using the expedited criteria financial loss showing the offer letter as proof . If I don’t get the visa on time, Intel will rescind the offer.

What are my options?

Please help.

Nothing can be done as of now. You should only wait and hope that USCIS processes it quicker. You may try expediting as financial loss. There is nothing wrong in trying, but you may have to convince the company and they should be willing to present such a case. They cannot create a false case to USCIS, so this is unlikely in my opinion.

Why dont you accept the offer and allow the immigration lawyers of Intel work it out for you ? It has nothing to do with you anyway, so the lawyer will advise the Intel managers, and they will wait for it to process. This way you have the offer accepted, and all of you wait together for approval to come through.

Thank you for your response

Can beneficiary submit expedite request stating severe financial loss showing offer letter ? I saw few EAD expedite request baaed on job offer.

Nope, beneficiary cannot do it. In H1, it is always the petitioner who can make changes in the application. You can only persuade the employer to consider your interests.