Change of Status from L1 to H1B

I am in the US on L1 Individual petiton and want to work here on H1B. While going thru a couple of resources on the net, I came across COS option, however still have some questions. I’d really appreciate all answers -

  1. Foremost, pls let me know if I have actually have the COS open for me.

  2. Most likely I would be required to travel back to India in Dec 2013 - if I apply COS in April’ 13 and if it gets thru, can I continue working for my L1 employer until October which is when I would be ready to start working on H1B? If not, what options would I have so that I dont have to travel back to India?

  3. Whats the process and fee for applying COS?

I am looking for your answers and help. Thx

I have the same question. Can anyone help here pls?

I have the same question. Can anyone help here pls?

yes you can apply for cos to H1b , provided you remaining yrs on you existing L1.
if you apply for cos in april 2013 , your actual cos will happen only in october 2013 . once cos happens you cannot revert back to your previous status , which in your case was L1.

Would you please suggest how to look for companies willing to apply for COS in April 2013?