Change of Status from L1 to H1 and H1 Transfer

Hi Saurabh,

I am working for a Company A (L1B) with Visa ending on Nov 10,2013, 5 year L1 stay ending on Feb 15 2014, I 94 valid till Feb 2016. PERM filed with company A early this year.

  1. Company B has applied for New Cap H1, selected in lotterty and under processing.

  2. Looks like, due to Contractual reasons I may not be able to Join Company B.

My Questions are

  1. If I want to transfer to company C, Do I need the copy of the Approved H1b petition from B or is it enough if I provide the online status copy .

  2. Let us say, If my B petition is approved on Sep 10th. C files petition on Sep 25th on Regular processing and receives the receipt, Will I be able to Join company C on Oct 1st with the receipt. (I will be resigning from A (L1B) on Sep 30, I have a Approved petition from B and not an employee of B, But I want to Join Company C on receipt on Oct 1st)

3, Just for some reasons, if Company C did not materialize, Then If I need to transfer my Company B’s petition to Company A, Can I continute working for Company A on H1 from Oct 1st, If Company A applies for transfer and just with Receipt.

Please help me get a response as I need to plan on changes and movement of my family.

Hello Saurabh, Can you please help on getting the answers soon.

  1. Either would be sufficient

  2. Yes, you can join them from Oct 1 if B’s petition was approved w/ COS. Still confirm w/ C’s attorney

  3. Yes, same as (2)