Change Of Status - F1 to H1B Issue - October 1st?

Hi Myself Sruthi. My H1b got approved this year, Still my Stem Opt is showing active in my Sevp. What that mean?

It means there is an issue with the update. You need to get something called a Data Fix to be done. It can be done by your DSO. Reach out to him and then send your approval notice copy, then they can do the data fix for you…Once it is updated in SEVIS, it will flow to SEVP portal as well.

Thank you Kumar. DSO updated SEVIS . They were saying it will take 15 days or more to update in SEVP. My VISA interview is on NOV 19th. If it is not updated at that time, Will it effect for my interview.

It should not affect your interview. Try to carry supporting documentation and maybe a letter from DSO, if you can indicating that change was done… In any case SEVP portal is only for your use, SEVIS is what they all see, so should be fine.