Change of status - Associated H1B application to the I20


   Two employers had filed for my H1B visa for FY 2015.  Both the applications were picked in the lottery under the Advanced Category quota.

Petition from employer A bearing id EAC141345XXXX has been approved and i received the I797 A approval notice also.

Petition from employer B bearing id EAC141385YYYY is still under Initial Review stage currently(for the past 45 days).

As i am enrolled for my second Masters, i recently had to request for a new I20 as a part of my summer internship. When i noticed the details on page 3 of the I20 i observed that the Change of Status application associated with the H1B is the one with employer B (EAC141385YYYY).

Since i already have an approval notice from employer A, do i have to do anything from my end to get the EAC141345XXXX to show on my I20. Please advise. Especially if i am trying to transfer a company.