Change of status after H1B withdrawal


I entered in USA with H4 status then I applied for H1B from 2 different employer. I got approval from both of them. I decided to work with employer B but due to some reasons they want to withdraw my H1B approved petition before i start working there. So, now my H1B from employer A is still active or not? because i didn’t work with any one of the employer. So, now I want to work with employer A. Do I need to file any application to USCIS for change of status or Is there any effect to H1B status of employer A due to withdraw of employer B H1B? I will appreciate your response…

Thank you.

Were both H-1s approved w/ COS? If yes, then you can work for A w/o any additional paperwork.

Did you get paid all the while you were on H-1 status?

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for reply. No I don’t get paid from any employer because still my social security number is in process and i didn’t start work for any employer.

So, Now I can start work with Employer A after getting SSN. Right? due to employer B withdrawal, there is not issue/effect on employer A. Right?


B’s petition withdrawal won’t impact A’s petition.

Okay… Thank you very much.