Change of Name in H1B extension petition and I-94

Hi, I have my H1B extension notice/petition with me but there is a mismatch in the name on the extension and the visa and earlier H1 petition. How can I get this sorted out? Am I still legally allowed to stay in the US?

Visa and Earlier H1 petition have : FNU, LOREM IPSUM

H1 Extension has : LOREM IPSU, LNU

Where FNU and LNU are First/Last Name Unknown. This is because in my passport I don’t have a surname.

Kindly let me know the legal steps of getting this corrected.

I was denied a state id because of this mismatch.

They should have issued it w/ the same name. You can continue to stay and work in US. Meanwhile, your employer/attorney should file an amendment w/ USCIS to get the name corrected.