change of employer after i94 expires and extension under processing

Hi Currently I work for Employer A under H1B visa and the i-94 is expiring on Sept 24,2015. I have already filed the H1-B extension and it has been pending with USCIS since July 9,2015 and the approval notice is yet to be received.I believe legally I can stay and work for the current Employer A in USA for next 240 days starting from Sept 24,2015.Can i change my employer and get a new job with another Employer B after Sept 24,2015 while the extension is under progress filed with the Employer A.


I will advise you to wait until you get the extension and then transfer it to a new employer to less complicate things since you will be having an expired I-94. Not that it can not be done, it will simply create a lot of headache for you.

hi Ankit
Thanks for your response.But its been more than 2 months the case is pending with USCIS.I have some good offers wiht me right now.Can I change the employer now.Is there a real issue ?