Change of Company while RFE pending at current Company during H1B transfer

My current situation is that I am currently on H1B:

I was employed with Company A where I got laid off in June 2017 .My H1B petition from Company A is valid till August 2018.

I got a new Job at Company B in August 2017 and have been working with them for past 4 months, I recently got a RFE for H1B petition transfer because the company filed for H1B transfer against an incorrect job description.

The RFE should be replied on or before March 2018

I have now received a new Offer from Company C.

Questions I have:

  • If peition gets denied, Can I use my petition from Company A and switch to Company C?

  • Can i move to Company C while the RFE is still in process with USCIS ?

  • Also, Please advice on my options to stay in USA.