Change of Client and Location Before H1B Visa Stamping.

Hi All,

I got my H1B petition approved in Nov 2014 for Client A & Location L.

Now the client is changed to Client B & Location is L1 before I go for visa stamping (Employer being the same).

What are the necessary STEPS / PROCESS I need to take care of when I go for stamping for a client other than the one approved in petition ?

Should my employer file an amendment for change of Client & Location which will take 3-4 months or only LCA will work?

Please guide me on this situation, I am very tensed on what & how things will go?

Appreciate your help on this !!

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the general guidelines is that each H1 must follow the location&priviling wages shown in the LCA of the petition. If the location of work is changed, the new location must be within the mormal commutable distance(there is no single digit number of how many miles etc…)

So, if you change the work location(new client location), it must be within the commutable distance from the existing LCA locations(each LCA can mention max 3 work locations). If its not within the commutable distance, one must file a new LCA(no need of H1 amendment as such, just obtain the new LCA and attach to the existing H1).

About the client change (for the matter of client name), its Okay to change the client on H1, even if its not stamped. All you need to do is to take the current client letter (and also its safe to take the client letter at the time of H1 approval) for the current stamping. Dont show any of these client letters, unless and otherwise the officer asks at the time of interview for stamping.

I have a similar question…
h1 has changed the client but still in US. H4 needs to get stamped. Will h4 need to carry amendment and LCA?
Please reply…


In LCA (Labor Condition Certificate) , instead of 11158 cicero we given 1158 cicero. Will it be a problem ? Please let me know.

im in the same situation… in this case ci’m eligible for a drop box… can I go ahead with drop box?

If the location has changed, then new LCA and H-1B amendment is required. You can appear for dropbox if you satisfy other requirements. Just having H-1B amendment doesn’t disqualify you from dropbox.

Hi I don’t have a client letter but have the Statement of Work… will this help?