Change of B1 to F1 from India

Hi,I am working for a company that wants me to travel to the U.S. in Feb 2016 for a period of 2 weeks for a business meeting and so they have initiated the process for me to apply for B1 visa.Now I have already given my GMAT already and intend to apply to U.S. business schools for admission in Aug/Sep 2016.My concerns are:1) If I travel to US in Feb with B1 visa, can I apply for F1 visa AFTER returning to India if I am offered admit to a business school? What is the process to change B1 to F1? Or do I apply fresh for F1 visa?2) If I do get B1 visa but did NOT choose to travel to U.S. in Feb (assuming I received the admission offer early and I decided to quit my company before the travel), will there be any problems when I later apply for F1 visa? Will they ask me why I did not travel after B1 visa was issued?Please help address my concerns as I could find very little information on this outside.Thank you.- Anand

  1. Yes, F-1 can be applied. You should return to home country, and then file for F-1 visa by appearing for visa interview for the same.

  2. No issues