Change in Visa from H4 to H1 and stamping appointment

I was looking to get some guidance on the appointment that we have scheduled. I have two scheduled appointments for me , and my husband

We have paid for two appointment but at that time my husband was on H4 and was added as a dependent in the application .I wanted to know if I can update the DS 160 with his updated status as he is on H1 now. Please comment if anyone has been in a similar situation.
Thanking you.

Yes, you can submit updated DS-160 and carry copy of both old and new DS-160 to your appointment.

HI Kalpesh,

Thank you for your reply, but how canyou update the DS 160 , its not allowing me to make any changes on us travels page

Just submit a new DS-160. You may also contact VFS and get their guidance.