Change in the client after i book the Visa appointment

Hi there,

I have been living in USA for 3 years and my visa on passport expired on sept 2015 and recently got my H1-B extended for 3years using client A with whom i am working for past 18months.

The same client A was mentioned while filing for the H1 extension , once the extension was approved i decided to visit india during december 2016 and go for stamping.

so i went ahead and filled in the DS-160 with the same client information and the work location and got the visa appointment on 3rd week of december 2016 , but today my manager said they are letting me go in 2 weeks .

I will be working for new client after that , so my employer will file H1 amendment.


  1. Will there be a change in the H1-B Receipt number after amendment ?

  2. Will i have to cancel my current appointment as i cant change the DS-160 with new client information or can i still go for appointment by carrying new client letter and the latest amendment form ?

Please help me , I am tensed !!

Thanks in advance !!