Change in Martial Stats - H1B Visa


I have initiated my H1B Visa initially with the option “Self along wth dependents (My wife and a kid)” in my current company.

I have submitted my passport scanned copies ( The martial status is ‘UnMarried’) to US consulate along with the required docments.

I have got my H1B Petetion approved recently. Any time I may go for stamping.


My kid dont have a passport, I will have to apply for him. I was told to initially chnage the martial status in my and my wifes’s passwort, only after that we can apply the passport for the kid.

If I change the martial status to ‘Married’, will there be any issue during stamping process?

Please share me the comments.



Your marital status is irrelevant during stamping process, there will be no problem. Try to travel together as a family, it is much easier.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.

That must not be a problem at all…