Change from F1 to L2


I am working on L1 B individual. My spouse H1 got rejected and he is in Day 1 CPT and working.

We need to travel to india.

Can he apply for L2 visa now as my dependent.? will there be any problem as his H1 got rejected and he is in Day 1 CPT?

Please be helpful. Its urgent

Thanks In Advance.

Yes, he can.

Both are very different visa types, previous H1B rejection should not matter.

I’m on a L1B individual and my spouse is on OPT with F1 status but her F1 visa has expired. She currently has valid B1/B2 visa.

She has applied for change of status to L2 and EAD and has given bio-metrics. Can she travel to India while her change of status and EAD is still processing? And then wait for the approval, get the L2 visa stamp and come back to the US?

No, if she leaves her Change of Status will be abandoned and her EAD also may be abandoned along with that…So, it is recommended to wait for approval and then travel.