Change DOB in Passport, Visa, SSN and DL

I am on H1B and I am going to extend my H1B in another 2 months. I had a correction in my passport and Birth certificate. I have corrected my passport with correct Birth certificate.

Now I am planning to amend my visa with extension and update my SSN. Below are my queries

  1. What are the document required to amend DOB in H1b visa?

  2. What are the document/procedure to correct DOB in SSN ?

  3. Which document we have to update with correct DOB first , Visa or SSN?

  4. Do we have to change I94(DHS). If yes, what is the procedure for it?

Could someone please help me for this?

Hi Prash, Is this sorted out ? I am in similar situation. Looking for options

Hi Barron’s have fixed the issue.Please help in same situation

Barron’s have you got ur passport fixed please help

No, Finally I Passport got updated. Now I have to start with changing the details.

@Rohini_Nagaraj @barrons Did you managed to update your information in the documents. If you have any update can you please share that information.