Chances of petition rejection because of Non-IT educational background

Hi Saurabh,

First of all a big thanks to you the way your are helping us.

I have done B.Pharma in Graduation & M.Tech in Biotech as Post Graduation.

I got RFE regarding my Educational & Experience background.

I am having more than 3 years of IT experience with a reputed big MNC.

My RFE got replied & I am waiting for response.

Just want to know your view regarding me petition approval/rejection because of my Educational Non IT background.



It will come down to how the RFE was addressed and how satisfied USCIS is w/ the response. If your employer was able to demonstrate that based on your non-IT education and 3 years of experience you still satisfy all the job requirements, then it is fine; else it may result in denial.

Unfortunately, no one can provide a concreate answer to this.