Chances of H1B Renewal and working in USA

I worked in USA through an Indian MNC on H1B from May 26 2008 to Jan 16 2009.Later I resigned the MNC on August 30th 2009.My H1b is valid from 24Oct2007 to 07Feb2010.Now my husband works for another MNC in India his H1B got picked up in the lottery.Can I also renew my H1B and work in USA along with him.Is there any chance now ?If so what is the process ?

I did not take relieving letter from MNC.Also I have to pay some amount to MNC(A sum of Rs 18000).I did not follow up on these two.Stopped working due to my personal reasons.Will this be a issue ?

As far as I know, since your first approval was within 6 years from now, you could be eligible to get a non-cap peition filed. You need to find a an employer who has a job opening for you and ready to file petition for you.