Chances of H1B getting approved after RFE

My RFE was raised on 7th August, 2013. The company replied around end of September. After this the government shutdown has happened. I don’t know whether the response has reached the USCIS office. What are the chances of H1B approval? Also, if the delay in delivering the response to RFE happens because of the government shutdown, will they consider this delay?

USCIS is not shutdown it is operating. But DOL is shut . H1B approval all depends on individual case and the questions asked in RFE.

Thanks for the prompt reply. So what if the RFE is delayed because of Department of Labour(Postal Service) shutdown? Will they extend the last date of receiving RFE?

USCIS is working . DOL has nothing to do with petition and RFE. Postal service is separate entity and it is also working.

DOL ( which is shut down) has to do with Labor certification and PERMs .
They would not extend the last day to receive response. Anyways you get 90 days to respond back right?

Will they update the status upon receiving the response of RFE or only after the decision is taken? The RFE for me was raised on 7th August so I guess there is still time and the response is on its way.