chances of B1 rejection for single parent

Hi Saurabh ,

Hope you are doing great.I have few questions on the B1 for my mother in law. My husband file 1-485 and its more than 180 days after filing it. we got our EAD and Advance payroll as well.Can we sponsor to our mother-in-law to US trip.

Can you please explain me the chances of VISA rejection for her as we are worried for the below reasons.

	My father in law had expired and she lives alone in India.

	She don't have any property on her name in India.

	She has three more daughters but only one of them lives in India and other two live in Singapore and South Africa. 

Will look forward for your reply. 

Thanks in Advance,


For successful stamping, she needs to show strong social and financial ties to home country. If she has any source of income (like pension) then she should show that. She can also show details about your sister in India and any children she has there to show her social/emotional attachment to the country.

It would be then up to the officer’s discretion.

Thank You Saurabh.
Hope everything works well.