Chances of Approval if wife sponsors In-Laws Visitor Visa - Urgent

Hello Saurabh,

My wife is on H1-B and working in a US Firm as a Full Term Employee. We both have been in US for last 4 years. Earlier I was on L1-B and my visa Extension application got rejected, so I recently came back on H4.

Now, we want to sponsor my Parent’s Visitor Visa urgently.

Another thing is I am going to start my job on H1-B by next week but the problems are:

  1. I do not have enough funds in my Account as I transferred major chunk to India before leaving from USA. But my wife has good Amount in her a/c.
  2. USCIS asks for 3-4 months of Pay Stubs but I will not be having any paystubs immediately after starting. At the same time we can not delay this process as my wife has just delivered and we need somebody here in USA.

So in all possibilities, my wife has all the Documents required for Visitor Visa sponsorship.

Q1: Do you think if my Wife sponsors them, they will have less chances of Approval?

Q2. Do you think we should wait for at least 1 month and I sponsor them instead of my wife sponsoring them. But I will not have all the 3 months paystubs.

Please suggest how should we do it?

I think it doesn’t really affect the outcome of the VISA application, if the sponsoring person is son or daughter-in-law.


Yes, as suggested by Sujith, your wife can sponsor their trip/visa. This is usually the case when one wants to invite dependents’ parents to US. The H-4 candidate has no source of income, but primary H-1 holder does.