Chances of an an ex-H1B holder getting a petition or visa approved


I have worked in U.S.A for about close to 3 years, and during recession I was forced to return back to India. My return was in 2009, and hence I am guessing the 6 year qouta period is already expired…

Now I would like to find a visa sponsorer, and apply for an H1 B. Do you see any better chances of getting the petition and visa approved in this case? Any positives for an ex-H1B holder (or) US work experience for future applications?


I am not sure if there will be any direct impact of your previous H1B status for a new petition as the new one will be a different case with different employer/client and different projects. Maybe there will be a negative impact if you did not maintain your status properly while in the US last time (just a thought).