Chance of H1B with a New & Not so famous consultant


From India, I am trying for applying H1B Visa for FY2015, I have been searching for consultants who are in the US (taking references in friends & acquaintance's network) and contacting them from last 2 months.

Some consultants contacted me back and i could not find any feedbacks regarding them in the internet.

1) 1st consultant -<>Was not ready to explain me his client list, where he has business etc, but barked at me, telling me how i can sell me to him and what i can bring for his business.....there was some awkward discussions, finally he said if i can refer existing H1B people in the US, he will sponsor me free.   End of it.  No further communications.

2) 2nd Consultant - Told that he has not processed any H1Bs for IT professionals for recent 12 years, but he is ready to sponsor, but said i have to work with him for minimum two years and i have to find the job myself(no marketing).  From the start to till i get a job, I will be on my own(all expenses).  He was open that he is not into IT business, so i am on my own.

3) Remaining consultants told that they will contact back after January and asked me to keep in touch.

Now i have more inclination towards the 2nd consultant.(Salary & other benefits not discussed)

Now, How are the chances this consultant will process my application properly (known risk) and how the embassy case office will treat this type of consultants(unknown risk and chance of success?)

What are the precautions i have to take and what are the questions i should ask the consultant

What are the quesions, I can expect the embassy to ask me( if my application passess lottery in April 2014 & i reach embassy in 2nd half of 2014)