Certification courses for H4 folks instead of MS

Hi, Currently on H4 and not being selected for 2015 lottery, I am left with options to study further. Please let me know if doing certifications from STEM branch helps for getting OPT permit and also am I eligible for applying H1B next year, while on being on f1 visa. Please guide…

what I am thinking is I am going to get 2 more chances to apply for h1b… if I start classes for a 9 month course by say August, then coming March 2015 am I eligible for applying for h1b while on f1. if didnt get selected opt for OPT for another one year and apply for another chance in 2016 while on OPT extension.

You can do MS or any masters and be eligible for OPT provided you finish the number of credits required for the course.

Do NOT DO MS from for profit institutes . After 9 months of doing MS you will be eligible for CPT provided you transfer to F1 Visa. Yes STEM allows for 17 month extension to 12 month CPT.

Beware of university sales agents who would offer you courses in their university. They get a cut in enrolling students (search tri-valley university or UNVA). Try to get into a good enough university. speak to seniors it would be good indicators.

I am in same situation as yours. Please let me know if you have got some pointers.

Thanks In Advance

I am on H4(not selected in lottery FY 2015) and i would like to do MS(STEM course) in one of the for profit institution. They said that i will get opt and later on 17 mths extension.Is it correct? please can you give any information regarding this.