Cap exempt pettion with different employer while 221g pending

Hi Saurabh,

I am working in employer X in india. I never worked in USA. I have filed My first H1B pettion through employer Y. My pettion got approved for 3 years and went for stamping at chennai consulate in Nov 2012.My petitioner said that I will be working on in-house project and provided all the relevant documents. VO asked questions reagrding the project, client and contracting letters and all the supporting documents and the same have been provided to VO. i couldn’t provide information for few questions like where is the date in the contracting letter with client?. i couldn’t find the date. asked project start date and couldn’t find it clear due to poor visibility. so i said i am not sure. did the client know that you have been recruited for this project? i said, i am not sure. Finally i was given 221 g white slip and was told that my case is pending for administrative processing. VO told that we will keep in touch with you.

Now i am waiting to hear from the chennai consulate. since i am not sure how long the process would take, thinking of going thru another employer Z who can file pettion for H1B with my H1B approval notice which i got with employer Y. is it possible still i can go through different employer and get my visa stamed??.

Please kindly help.



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