Cap exempt H1-B eligibility

Work History in US:

Visa Type: L2

EAD Validity: 04/18/2008 to 01/17/2010

Worked on EAD From: 07/07/2008 to 07/11/2009 (Before expiration of EAD I got my L2 transfered to H1-B)


Visa Type: H1-B

H1-B Validity: 07/12/2009 to 06/22/2012

Worked on H1-B From: 07/12/2009 to 03/06/2012


Then I resigned and came back to India for good.


So I have following questions:


1. Am I eligible to apply for cap exempt H1-B? 

1.1 If yes, When can I apply and how many months/years I can get to work on H1-B? 

1.2 Is there any time limit before which I have to apply for my cap exempt H1-B?


2. Am I eligible to apply for renewal of H1-B?