Cancelling H1B amendment and go back to previous project within same employer


I was working for Client-A with H1B stamped till Feb-2020. Then my employer moved me to a different project for some other client say Client-B. And the H1-B amendment was filed with USCIS which is still not approved and I started working for Client-B on receipt itself. The two clients located in two different states.

After working for 3 months for Client-B, now I’m moving back to same project for Client-A for same location on same role. Is there any chance that my employer can simply revoke the filed amendment and I can simply start working for Client-A without filing a new amendment.

Thank you in advance!

within same employer should not be issue. you can always go back on previous amendment.

Thank you for your reply, John. But I heard with many folks that once amendment is filed and you started working for new client, you can’t simply go back to previous client without filing a new amendment. Or you have to go outside US to refresh your i94.
Any idea?