Canada to USA daily commute to work

Hi Kumar, I stay in Canada(as permanent resident) and work in US on H1b as a daily commute(daily will cross the border). I have got approved H1b extension without i94(as I’m out of country in canada). As of now I can’t go to USA or get stamped at consulate with new EO. So,

  1. Can I still work and my employer can run pay check in US?
  2. If my employer run’s pay check will it affect my future filling or GC process?
  3. In my approval I797B it says Hyderabad consulate but can i go to Toronto consulate instead?

Please advice.

Thank you.

Answered in comments, same here.

  1. It is up to your company, some do it for short time. But, after sometime, they do not as it is a taxation issue.
  2. Well, I am not sure how it would impact. You are not working on H1B as you are not in US…so, it is more of Canada tax issue.
    Discuss with your attorney as well and then take a call.
  3. Yes, you can.