Canada, an option as good as US?


Firstly, thank you making this forum/website such a great resource.

Secondly, I’m sorry for posting a question about study in Canada in “Study in USA” section of your website, but I haven’t found a sinlge website (other than this one) yet that has so much of info on foreign education.

So I was wondering if you could help me out with my queries about Canadian education.

  1. Is MS in Canada as valuable as that in US?

  2. Is it easier or tougher to secure a job in Canada as an international student? I have heard a lot of people couldn’t secure a job in Canada even after having a Canadian degree just because they didn’t have the Canadian experience. Is there any info you can give on Canadian experience?

I’m thinking of applying to U of Alberta, U of Waterloo & Simon Fraser University, McMaster next year for MS in CS. I also have US in mind, but I mostly wanna go to Canada as the tuition ove there is affordable for me,

Can you give any info on any of these Universities & its career service?

Thanks in advance