can we use the same visa Appointment if there is change in DS -160


My Spouse has submitted the DS- 160 and booked the visa appoinment for H1B visa. while filling the DS-160 we did not mentioned that i am (dependent) is atteding the interview . Because we tought that i will attend the interview 2 or 3 months later.

But now we decided to go for the visa interview together.

My questions - Can i fill a seperate DS-160 and go to the same visa interview with my wife or do we need to cancel the previous appoinment and schedule a new appoinment .

And what about the DS -160 do we need to fill new DS-160 forms ?

You need to complete another DS-160 form but cannot go w/ your wife unless you get same date and time.

Else, she should cancel her appointment and you should book one together (both need their own DS-160 form). Check the consulate website about the rules around cancelations and rescheduling.