Can we travel with existing Visa stamping


Currently i am staying in India since 2019.

In 2017 I got my H1B visa and I was staying in USA from 2018 to 2019 December. I have applied for my Visa renewal and it got approved i went for stamping i received "NIE under PP. On risk to labor market " on stamping.

Currently I dont find any opportunities in my organization I have valid H1B visa stamp valid till 2023.


  1. I am planning to transfer my Visa to other firm from India, once the transfer is complete and I receive I797 and LCA with new firm. If i quit my job in existing job can I use my existing Visa stamping for travel or do I need to go for stamping with new Firm ?

  2. If i can travel with existing Visa stamping is there any chance my existing Firm revoke my Visa stamping ?

  3. Is there any other complications if i Travel with existing stamping.

Kindly let me know please.