Can we process H1B by 2 different companies for same client?


I have a question. I am currently working with my employer A for client C. Now there is another company B that has consultants working for the same client C. They approached me with an opportunity to join B for the same client C with better pay and my client manager has no issues with me moving to company B. But then my current company A changed their names so they are going to start transfering my H1B to the new company name soon. But my question is can I have my company A and the new company B process my H1 transfer at the same time when both will have the client letter from C? ie, A is doing the company name transfer H1B and B will be doing my H1B transfer. The reason i am asking is because Company A will not do in premium and i have to pay for this, which Company B will do it for me.

Let me know if hte question is not clear.



Go for only one at a time…

Go for Company B’s Offer in PP

I think A will be filing for H-1 amendment as the company’s name is changing. H-1 transfer comes into play when moving to an entire different entity.

You can have both in play together. As B’s petition would be filed w/ PP, you would have that result first. However, if you have decided to join B, then try to buy sometime from A and save them some dollars. Don’t know how many browny points it earns you w/ them.

Thank you for the response RaNa.

Thank you for the response Saurabh. I think like you mentioned I am proceeding with B in PP and trying to delay A’s filing a bit more.

Hi saurabh,

My case is same as above. Except that, my current employer is also applying normally and not H1b transfer

Can we apply with 2 different employers (my curent company and a consultancy) for the same end client in US?. Both are normal application

Please suggest