Can we go for H1B 2013 stamping on July 2nd?

Hello Saurabh and Others,

First of all thanks everybody for lending thier help in visa related issues. I have one more question. My H1-B petition has been approved and I wanted to go for stamping on July 2nd 2012. As per the recommendation in the vfs site it is mentioned that we can get it stamped prior to 90 days. Now my H1B start date is 1st Oct 2012, it would be 92 days as on July 2nd. Please let me know if it is ok to go for stamping on this day.

Thanks in advance. Please help.

Thanks and Regards


That’s a good question

If they count 90 days, literally, you can go for stamping on or after 3rd July. If they meant 3 months by saying 90 days, then you could go for stamping on or after 2nd July.

You may email VFS center and clarify this.